What to Expect

A typical home inspection involves having you join me toward the end of the inspection, but feel free to show up at anytime. This works well because it allows me to focus on the home for a thorough inspection and a valuable report. Then we will be able to discuss the home inspection findings. If you are not able to attend, the full report will be sent regardless and any questions can be asked via phone or email regarding the findings.

Report Information

Some of the more common items reported that are important to know other than potential structural defects include:

  • the condition of the foundation and the roof details(attic condition/age of shingles/how much life remaining)
  • the age of the furnace, water heater and air conditioner along with typical life expectancy so you have an idea of when to expect to replace the units

Other common items include:
  • proper ground slope for rain/melting snow run-off for a dry basement/foundation
  • adequate attic insulation and ventilation for a functional attic
  • GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) receptacles in recommended (wet location) areas as safety precautions
  • appropriate exterior covering to preserve the structure of the house (siding, paint, etc.)
  • condition and function of windows

Fee Amount

The fee amount of the home inspection varies with the size of the home as the larger the home means the more time spent on the property. Inspection prices are typically competitive so I like to emphasize the importance of the quality and thoroughness of your inspection as no two inspectors are alike. Feel free to contact me with the square footage of the house for the fee amount. Also, you can view my sample report to become familiar with the level of quality and experience you would be receiving.

Matt Gillund

Certified Home Inspector

  • Providing thorough, unbiased reporting of the home's current condition
  • Easy-to-understand inspection reporting software with photos
  • Same-day reporting with quick feedback to keep the home-buying process in motion
  • Additional tips on basic preventative maintenance built into the report
  • Radon Testing Available Upon Request
  • Thermal Imagining Available Upon Request