Does Your Home Have Radon?

Does Your Home Have Radon?

Find out with a 48-hour test

Another common concern today is the level of radon gas that may be lingering in a home. Fortunately, it can be checked for safety levels with radon testing. In a 48-hour time period, an average radon level can be determined and decisions can then be made regarding if a relief system is necessary.

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Radon 48-hour Testing

Radon naturally occurs in the soil. Unfortunately, it can enter the home through the foundation. Since this gas is colorless and odorless, detecting its level requires a radon test. In 48 hours, a test can be completed with hourly readings and an overall average.

Radon License # RMEA-00153

Radon Report

Hourly radon, 48 hour average, humidity level and temperature report included.

  • Instantly sent report via mobile device.